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February 2017

Battle of the Brownies, Part Three

It is the third glorious day of brownie making! This time I tried out two recipes that weren't on the┬ábest-loved lists, but looked irresistible (yes I judged the recipes by their covers, and I have no regrets). The first, David... Continue Reading →


Battle of the Brownies, Part 2

Oh boy, friends. This week, things got real. Real, as in, maybe had to wear some stretchy pants for a couple of days and wear facemasks before bed because I spent two days eating pretty much nothing but brownies and... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Brownies Part One

On New Year's, I made the resolution to take a month-long reset. It was complicated and painful for someone who likes to eat what she wants when she wants it, but long story short, I survived a month without sugar... Continue Reading →

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