I haven’t always liked cooking. Actually, I pretty much just don’t like cooking. Baking, though, is where you can find me. The precise (or not-so-precise) piles of ingredients, the swirls of color and texture–it’s not about what’s being made, it’s the process of making it. 

Hey! I’m Alaina, a super-amateur baker who is fresh out of university (the joy! the horror!). This means that while I would love to prepare tons of elaborate meals to force-feed myself and my roommates and boyfriend and unwilling acquaintances, I a) don’t have time to prepare them, b) don’t have/can’t find/can’t afford the ingredients, and c) have inevitably lost the recipe among piles of gifted cookbooks, sheets of torn loose leaf, and files of favourited websites. Thus, Pressed Chef is born! Please join me as I flounder through stove-top preparation, struggle through decorating desserts, and slowly catalogue my favourite recipes and techniques.