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The Final Brownie Battle

Good day humans of Earth! This is (sadly) the final of my brownie battle posts. Today's brownies? The King Arthur Flour and America's Test Kitchen recipes. Both came highly praised and were solid contenders for the title of best brownie.... Continue Reading →


Battle of the Brownies, Part Five

With just four types of brownies left, it seems that I am coming to the end of my great brownie experiment, and, I must be honest, I am excited to try out some recipes for a different category of baked... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Brownies, Part Four

On the fourth day of Brownie month (and beyond), I tested out Ina Garten's Outrageous brownies and the Baked brownie. Both of these have been held up as some of the best recipes out there, but it was pretty clear... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Brownies, Part Three

It is the third glorious day of brownie making! This time I tried out two recipes that weren't on the┬ábest-loved lists, but looked irresistible (yes I judged the recipes by their covers, and I have no regrets). The first, David... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Brownies, Part 2

Oh boy, friends. This week, things got real. Real, as in, maybe had to wear some stretchy pants for a couple of days and wear facemasks before bed because I spent two days eating pretty much nothing but brownies and... Continue Reading →

Battle of the Brownies Part One

On New Year's, I made the resolution to take a month-long reset. It was complicated and painful for someone who likes to eat what she wants when she wants it, but long story short, I survived a month without sugar... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Candy Cookie Brownies

After Halloween I had a ton of candy leftover, and no idea what to do with it. Then I found some Joejoes that I had left in the back of a drawer for two weeks. And then I got to... Continue Reading →

Winey Tropical Brownies

So, there was a time in my life when trying to figure out what to do with leftover wine would have meant that I had had some horrible incident (okay that time was the last three years). Nevertheless, as I... Continue Reading →

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