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Whoopie Pies

I found this recipe in Butter last year, but in the cookbook it's called the "homemade you know what". I took a cursory glance over the recipe and assumed that I did know what: homemade oreos. Clearly I was wrong.... Continue Reading →


Max’s Super Cheese Pie

Where did the name come from? I have no idea. It's been passed down from my grandmother, and that's about all I know. Well, that and it has been my Mom's favorite cake for the last 30 or so years.... Continue Reading →

Buche de Noel

Happy Holidays everyone! As you've probably guessed from some of my prior posts, the madre and I love Flour bakery and the Flour cookbooks! We especially love the celebration recipes, like the traditionally French buche de noel, or yule log,... Continue Reading →

Butter Bakery’s Carrot Cake

Another month, another birthday cake. Or at least that's how I think it should be. This month, it was my stepfather, who requested carrot cake. I like to think that he was psychic, and knew that I had the recipe... Continue Reading →

The Super Chocolate Cake

For my Choco-holic roommate and best friend Leonie's twenty-first birthday last year, I decided to go over the top and make a seven layer chocolate cake for her.   I layered the Butter bakery chocolate cake, then a layer of... Continue Reading →

Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie

A few months ago, buzzfeed did a piece on making the perfect chocolate chip cookie. The baker came up with the following solution: there are actually FOUR perfect cookies, depending on your preferences. Chewy and caramel-y, Crispy, Soft and bakery... Continue Reading →

Flour Bakery’s Boston Cream Pie

Everyone in my family has a specific kind of birthday cake. When I was growing up, it was homemade carrot cake at my Dad's house and raspberry-lemon cake from a local bakery at Mom's. Things got a little awkward last... Continue Reading →

OG Madeleines

I apologize in advance that I only have one picture of these... I wasn't expecting to write a post about them but they were delicious so I'm going to share them with the world. Last year my grandmother gave me... Continue Reading →

Coconut-Lime Anniversary Cake

This is definitely not my anniversary cake, because 1. If I am making a cake for my anniversary, it will probably involve either chocolate or some strange new ingredient I've been wanting to try out. And 2. I am definitely... Continue Reading →

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